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Blog Post // July 15, 2019

Food Sensitivities and Inflammation

"The important thing to realize about this inflammation is that it can appear in any part of the body, including hormone systems, the brain and the cardiovascular system..."

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Blog Post // June 01, 2019

What is The Demartini Method®?

Do you have an unresolved emotional concern? Are you wondering how to release this?

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Blog Post // May 07, 2019

What is your Default Mode Network?

Are you living life on automatic? In this article, Charmaine tells you why this may be and how to fix it!

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Blog Post // April 15, 2019

For the Love of Fennel

Fresh fennel is an excellent food to incorporate into your Spring lifestyle.

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Blog Post // April 15, 2019

Optimizing Brain Function with Art Therapy

Art Therapy can help a person give expression to their feelings and hidden inner conflicts.

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Blog Post // April 01, 2019

Nutrient Deficiencies

There is much more that happens between putting food into your mouth and it getting into the cell, where it is needed...

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Blog Post // March 01, 2019

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Fatigue, rashes, brain fog, joint pain, heart palpitations... what might be the common link?

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